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Also, before you add me, please take a look at my profile page. A new "rule" I want to put is that we must have 5+ SHARED INTERESTS, PLEASE! Or unless we know each other from a fandom/you collect dolls/etc. where we have similarities. Why become friends when we have nothing in common? :c Sad to say, but it's true! ^-^;

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One final thing - since most entries are f-locked, you should know what I tend to post about!
* Dolls: Pullips/Taeyangs/Dals and BJDs
* Top fandoms: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, One Piece, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors, Pokemon
* Other things: I like to take photos, so around half of my entries aren't just text! I won't ever spam your f-lists as after the first photo, I put additional pics behind cuts! There are days where I tend to be a bit emo, but I always end up feeling really cheerful the next day or so and make a spaz!post :) Also like to talk about my daily things - church events, school, boy problems, etc. You know .. the usual :)

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Wow, it's been a while! lol, sorry I keep abandoning LJ. I don't mean to. It just isn't the bustling place it used to be /: I really only have dolly stuff to talk about today anyways .. So also sorry to those who I be-friended through animanga friend memes and all x:

I have 4 LYs now with another being prepared by Lati! Crazy! And I think I've got someone to adopt my IH Mars finally (: *fingers crossed*!! Not sure who my next doll will be, but I might be re-homing my Queen Lea when she gets here. I'm not sure I really love her that much but just wanted to get her because of the AIW theme. I'm so excited to see what Lati has in store for Christmas (: The nutcracker teaser has got me all riled up! That was my favorite movie/ballet/musical thingie growing up, so I may not be able to resist. As such, all doll purchases will have to be put on halt until they release photos!

Either way, I've got my eyes on dollndoll's Bubble and possibly Fairyland's Shushu. (It was between Shushu and Chloe, but Justin said Shushu after looking at the Flickr groups for just 15 seconds xD.) Such a shame that Fairyland had to raise prices, but the quality is there, so I don't mind so much. I just feel like I neglect Sophie because of the LY babies and I think she could use a friend (:

Sophie by yuhime♔, on Flickr

I really do think she's the loveliest doll! Just don't appreciate her as much because of the little ones ): She needs a sister!
Pokemon - Zuruggu Walk

Week 9

Little ones' new outfits!

I only have one more week in my internship left. It's been quite a journey (: I'm really glad in retrospect that I took the offer and decided to come here. There were really slow days where I didn't have much to do. The FDA came the day I started =___= So my supervisor was busy for the first 2-3 weeks and I had to be on standby in the breakroom. And guess what - FDA's back! They just got here this morning :P Anyways, it's kinda sad I only have one week left. Now that I'm comfortable with everyone and I've started to figure out my way around on the floor /:

You know what else? I decided that when I go back to school this fall, I'm gonna sign up for a Biotechnology minor. The required classes all fall under my Bio major anyways, so it's like hitting two birds with one stone (: The only other requirement is an internship in a biotech company, and .. Hello, I'm at GENENTECH right now - the BIRTHPLACE of biotechnology :P Before I go, I gotta go to the store and pick up some Genenwear to make all my fellow Bio nerds at school jealous x3

Anyways. Doll news. I got a Christmas Lea a while ago (: ANDDDD I just scored a Halloween Kuroo! Blueboy rom DoA is letting me adopt hers ^__^ This is why it's good to bond with people :D I'm glad she decided to contact me while so many other (more recognizable/popular) people are looking for her! She should be shipped out later tonight, so I'll have her for the weekend (:

Also - I bought a wig from Chloe without knowing she wouldn't be back til August 3rd .. She should have closed her shop (Rapunzel Wigs) so that people couldn't buy IN STOCK wigs but could still pre-order. I wonder if I should message her and ask her when she will be sending the wig. I know she did a full inventory check so she should have my wig ready to go at least .. But no news yet though she's been able to set up pictures and post them on Flickr /: I just don't wanna be annoying, you know? x: But it's already the 9th, so /:
KHR - Ryohei YES!

She's here!

I'm in love!

She's so adorable! She's finally here (: Meet my little Story of a Fairy Lea!

Can I just say - I'm already in love. I think these tiny dolls are perfect for me. Even with my Minifee, I feel that she's too awkward to really *play* with. I love her, but I think LYs are the way to go!

Since I have a bit of money from working at Genentech, I decided to go peruse the marketplace at DoA. It was a bad idea as now I also put a Christmas Lea on layaway. This is bad x'D My mom came with me to pick her up from the post office today and said "I thought you were done buying dolls." Nope :P It just has been a while because these dolls take forever to make x___xv

I need to go find a name for her (: Justin and I were looking around yesterday, and I think we've got it down to a few names. But I realized it's been harder for me to come up with names these days. In the era of Pullips, I thought of names seconds after getting a doll. Or I'd even plan out their name and character before they even arrived. Why is it so hard with these BJDs?

Also! I bought myself a macro lens (took like 2/3 of my first paycheck loooool). And it should be arriving today via UPS :) I should've waited to take pictures but it wasn't like I was just gonna wait to open up my package from Lati, right? Time to wait in front of the door!
Disney - Ariel Giggle

(no subject)

I talked about it here, but I had been expecting someone from Genentech to talk to me about an internship opportunity. Finally, he called me yesterday to give me the details. Looks like I won't be doing much with Biology per se. I'll be entering data and making investigative conclusions for this guy whose project is behind. Not the ideal thing, but it gives me something to do this summer. And I get moneyyyy wheee. Problem is - it's in San Francisco. Which is an hour's drive from my house without traffic x: Well, he's still getting my offer packet ready, so I'm not sure how my hours will be yet, but I already mentioned it to him, so hopefully he'll be a bit more lenient with when I start my shift xD Anyways, I guess it's safe to say I got the job? :D

May is the busiest month of the year for me ): Too bad cos my birthday's in 10 days! Still don't know what I'm doing. I'm not into drinking or partying. People keep saying my 21st birthday plans (staying at home just like any other day?) are boring x'D But I think Justin's coming home on the 28th so we can go out to Capitola or the zoo or some place fun ^__^ <3 I've been updating my wishlist as well. Even if I don't show anyone, it's still fun :P
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Memento Mori/Vanitas Painting

Help? ^___^; For my next painting project, I have to compose my own still-life. It must be made of 3-5 items, which are mounted against a 12x12 board. I'll be painting the composition from straight on as if looking down at the board (or if the board were hung on the wall), so that's something to keep in mind. I also need a background of some sort (fabric, scrapbook paper, etc.) on the board. So I'm having trouble really thinking up what to put on the board that's easy enough to find and easy enough to mount x'D

Here's a list of things I have so far (not including hard things to mount such as .. skulls o-o)
obvious .. hourglass, wilting flowers/rotting fruits
pinned insects
yellowed music sheets
old books/letters
cameo necklace
burnt lightbulb
poisoned apple - apple/vial - bpal?
birthday candles/cake
rosary, cross

So yeah. I'm just really not feeling this project because of the theme. If it called for kawaii stuff, then I'd be ALL OVER IT :'P Any help would be appreciated!
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the lati dilemma of the day

Someone HAD to mention the new basics T_________T I'm in love with them! LOOK AT BENNY WOAH. lol. What to do. I figure, since I have just enough, I could either get two basic Lati Yellows with face-up or get the limited Lea with all options x: What to do. I think most people would tell me to get the two dolls instead, but at the same time, I like Lea & Lami (leaning towards Lea right now) O: BUT, I don't know what I'd do with her option legs =-=;; If I did get two basics instead, I'd get Lami and Kuroo ^__^ Here's the price breakdown:

Basic Kuroo w. face-up 215
Basic Lami w. face-up 215
Shipping 58
Total 488

Limited Lea FULL SET 420
Shipping 50
Total 470

Unfortunately I don't have enough for Lea and a basic, even if I just get the bare minimum for Lea and no face-up for the basic /: So what to do? Help!
OP - Brook

so .. help?

I don't know why I decided to look at Lati's site when I knew they were gonna open up orders soon T__T I set a trap for myself gahh. The new limiteds .. While they're not all that amazing imo, I still got hoooked. I've narrowed it down to Lea, Lami and Miel @__@ Everyone knows I NEED a Lami, and I've been looking for a basic Lami for the past month or so. But Lea is SO my type of character. She's so the icy High Priestess Yuuki character type :) I mean .. Just look at those eyes!

Lea | Miel | Lami

WHAT TO DO. I'm thinking .. I don't need the option parts. What are those legs o_O; And probably won't ever wear the outfit again (except Lea's. I think I NEED that one if I get her xD). Wig? What to do? omg @___@ Basic Lami is only 180 .. But THIS IS AN ELF AHHH. Meh, I might just get basic Lami after all.

OMG. My birthday's coming up. WHEEEE. Do you think mom would buy me a dolly LOLOLOLL. Maybe I can slowly bring it up xD She'll prolly still say no, though @__@ EDIT: She already said no =____=