Y U U K I (yuhime) wrote,

Week 9

Little ones' new outfits!

I only have one more week in my internship left. It's been quite a journey (: I'm really glad in retrospect that I took the offer and decided to come here. There were really slow days where I didn't have much to do. The FDA came the day I started =___= So my supervisor was busy for the first 2-3 weeks and I had to be on standby in the breakroom. And guess what - FDA's back! They just got here this morning :P Anyways, it's kinda sad I only have one week left. Now that I'm comfortable with everyone and I've started to figure out my way around on the floor /:

You know what else? I decided that when I go back to school this fall, I'm gonna sign up for a Biotechnology minor. The required classes all fall under my Bio major anyways, so it's like hitting two birds with one stone (: The only other requirement is an internship in a biotech company, and .. Hello, I'm at GENENTECH right now - the BIRTHPLACE of biotechnology :P Before I go, I gotta go to the store and pick up some Genenwear to make all my fellow Bio nerds at school jealous x3

Anyways. Doll news. I got a Christmas Lea a while ago (: ANDDDD I just scored a Halloween Kuroo! Blueboy rom DoA is letting me adopt hers ^__^ This is why it's good to bond with people :D I'm glad she decided to contact me while so many other (more recognizable/popular) people are looking for her! She should be shipped out later tonight, so I'll have her for the weekend (:

Also - I bought a wig from Chloe without knowing she wouldn't be back til August 3rd .. She should have closed her shop (Rapunzel Wigs) so that people couldn't buy IN STOCK wigs but could still pre-order. I wonder if I should message her and ask her when she will be sending the wig. I know she did a full inventory check so she should have my wig ready to go at least .. But no news yet though she's been able to set up pictures and post them on Flickr /: I just don't wanna be annoying, you know? x: But it's already the 9th, so /:
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