November 6th, 2011

Pokemon - Pikachu & Shaymin


Wow, it's been a while! lol, sorry I keep abandoning LJ. I don't mean to. It just isn't the bustling place it used to be /: I really only have dolly stuff to talk about today anyways .. So also sorry to those who I be-friended through animanga friend memes and all x:

I have 4 LYs now with another being prepared by Lati! Crazy! And I think I've got someone to adopt my IH Mars finally (: *fingers crossed*!! Not sure who my next doll will be, but I might be re-homing my Queen Lea when she gets here. I'm not sure I really love her that much but just wanted to get her because of the AIW theme. I'm so excited to see what Lati has in store for Christmas (: The nutcracker teaser has got me all riled up! That was my favorite movie/ballet/musical thingie growing up, so I may not be able to resist. As such, all doll purchases will have to be put on halt until they release photos!

Either way, I've got my eyes on dollndoll's Bubble and possibly Fairyland's Shushu. (It was between Shushu and Chloe, but Justin said Shushu after looking at the Flickr groups for just 15 seconds xD.) Such a shame that Fairyland had to raise prices, but the quality is there, so I don't mind so much. I just feel like I neglect Sophie because of the LY babies and I think she could use a friend (:

Sophie by yuhime♔, on Flickr

I really do think she's the loveliest doll! Just don't appreciate her as much because of the little ones ): She needs a sister!