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♥ (:

♥ (: As always, bigger, clearer pics in click-through.

I'm so happy with how she turned out. I was scared she was a bit pink when she first arrived. In the pictures that Beesou took, she didn't seem so .. colored? Haha. But it actually works really well (: Especially after seeing these pictures, I think she's perfect. I'm glad I picked this wig for her (finally) after going through 293434 different styles. At least for now, it's a good enough style for her! I ordered her body on the 31st of December, so it should be here soon! Kyahh. I can't wait to show her off (:

I hope the clothes my sister made for her fit @__@v I just don't want to get too excited and buy every article of clothing I see before her body even gets here xD But at the same time, I guess it'd be nice to have more things for her to wear once she's put together :P Anyone have any recommendations on seamstresses/shops/etc. I might be able to buy clothes from? :)

Oh! And I still have to pick out her name! She used to be Kaiona, and then I decided to change her character a bit. Justin and I were looking through babynamesworld together and just .. Wow, we have different taste in names HAHHA. So I have a list of 20+ names to go through @__@ I'm trying to find something that has a more whimsical, vintage tone to it. Thing is - I don't wanna try to name her again until she's put together and we get to know each other through photoshoots. I think that's probably the best way to go :P
Bleach - Yachiru

dolly meetup pics!

Feb 11 Meetup

I met bearbarossa Friday afternoon here at the Rosicrucian Museum (: It was tons of fun and I even brought home some SUSHI HELLO KITTY and MINI LALALOOPSY DOLLS OMGGGGG. It was so nice getting away and meeting up with someone. Honestly, I've been feeling rather lonely ever since high school x: College can be a lonely place for a transfer that commutes ;3;

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Pokemon - Red & Pikachu Switch

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So we're having a Pokemon event at the mall this Saturday and Sunday & of course Justin and I plan on going ^___^ I'm super excited! You can read a bit about it here. Also, Justin thinks I've gone mad, checking everywhere for a Lami and whatnot every few minutes :P I'm a bit confused about the renewal and sp bodies though @__@; Bahaha. He didn't know me when I was crazy about Pullips. That might have scared him away :P
KHR - Hibari&Hibird Yawn

I just remembered about ISUL.

Thoughts on Isul? Idk if I really like them all that much. If I wanted a young boy, I think I'd still stick with Dals like I did with Reinor. x: Idk, maybe they'll grow on me after seeing owner pics? Well, it's not like I'm looking to buy any more Pullips/Taes/etc. though ): I think I'm turning over to the BJD side :P
KHR - Hibari Onigiri

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I need to learn to be more independent again. Because by depending on other people, I'm just letting myself get let down over and over again /:
BJD - Naoki Glasses // Iplehouse Gentle

bjd updates!

I think I'm in love. Just look at that precious face! Gah, I could so get her on layaway at DDE @___@ But Idk if I really can justify spending more money for dolls again. Although .. I've taken a long break already! My last doll purchase (besides the MNF body) was Mars in January of last year! omgggg I need her x3

Speaking of Mars,I finally posted a sales thread for him @__@v I thought he was gonna be a dream come true, but he ended up disappointing me in the long run ): He didn't even get a name! After a whole year, I'm still calling him Mars! O____O I don't know when/if he'll actually sell ever .. But hopefully someone out there is looking for a special version Mars :P

In other news, I got Beesou [Overnight Flight] to give my floating DES head a face-up (: I just sent the head out yesterday and her turn around time is about a week. Well, I'm not in a rush since I'm still waiting for the MNF body :P But still! Things are starting to come together! I'm so excited (:
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OP - Mr.2 Bon Clay SPIN

sorry for another post so soon! x:

I'm intimidated by the amount of people doing BJD face-ups xD Do you guys have any recommended face-up artists for a simple, natural look? I actually have a list of people down, but if you have someone you wanna recommend, please let me know (: I'd love to get my DES a proper face-up now that I'm actually getting her body (:
Pullip - Allan

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my little star (:I've got to dust off my Pullips x'D Seriously, there's a thick layer of dust over them all. I can see it on the dolls that have dark colored wigs LOL. It's kinda sad ^__^;;

I wanted to bring out Mars for a shoot, but got lazy T___Tv lol, but here's the Priestess (: Her hair's as unruly as ever. I had to stand her up against the vase holding my roses & it took me forever to get her not to topple down because of the sheer weight of her hair =___=; I remember when every entry I posted had something to do with dolls :'P I kinda miss the dolly community, too, but I don't know any of the new kids and things seem to be a bit slower??

Idk what's up with spring break anymore. We might end up just going to Disneyland for 3 days. I think if we wanted the free tickets, we have to go separately (2 on one plane). And plus, my brother will be in the middle of his semester, so he'll be busy x: Yep. Maybe just Disneyland. But I LOVE Disney, so ^___^ <3 Haha. Right, this was about my dolls. I still have my dolls & love them. I'm just lazy to bring them everywhere for pictures now ^____^;; But hopefully this spring break, another dolly can accompany me just like before to Europe/on that cruise (: